Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fear #1- My Alone time

Today after the 2 big girls went to school, I dropped Sophie off at preschool and went grocery shopping, came home, put everything away, practiced a little bit for my recital, drove to meet Todd for lunch, ran another errand, and then started to panic. "How will I ever get anything done if I am homeschooling?" "Will I ever get to have lunch dates with Todd?" "Am I shackling myself to a life of being home all day long with no breaks?" Those were my thoughts as I drove to pick up Sophie after a productive and peaceful day by myself.

Here's the truth- I really enjoy my alone time. I mean, REALLY enjoy it. I like having time when there are no kids talking to me and I can listen to whatever music I want. I like having lunch with girlfriends and going window shopping with no one to watch after. I like having MY time. (Yes, I know that God owns everything and I am just a steward of His time, but sometimes I get caught up in owning what's not mine!)

I am scared that homeschooling will mean that I am never alone. Will I go insane? Will I become a worse mother with less patience? And is time alone a luxury or a right? Perhaps even a necessity?

I don't know, but I think I'm going to savor the last few days of preschool more than ever before!


Ladybug said...

this is brad's biggest concern with me suggesting that we look into homeschooling, that i will lose time to/for myself. so we are considering university model schools, 2-3 days in school, 2-3 days schooling at home. i have more to say but i am typing 1-handed.

Kristine said...

Girl I love you and I know you are an awesome teacher and mother. I also know that you cram your days full and you don't take enough me time. I can't believe you are thinking of homeschooling. So much more to do. You overachiever :)