Monday, April 26, 2010

Fear #2- Loss of Connection

Today I attended a Moms-in-Touch meeting at a friend's house to pray for our school, the teachers, and our kids. It's a wonderful national movement for mothers who want to cover their kids in prayer while they are away from home. The women who attend this meeting are very involved in the school and this morning, we talked a lot about the fun school field day coming up. It really made me think about the fact that if I homeschool, my kids will miss out on certain events that have made them feel connected to their friends, to their school, and to their neighborhood, such as the Sock Hop, Multicultural night, Spring Fling, just to name a few. They so enjoy these activities, and as a parent, it's fun to meet new parents and hang out with friends at the events. Perhaps this seems trivial to those who will say that I can join a co-op of homeschooling moms who also host dozens of wonderful field trips and events, but right now, I am feeling a bit hesitant because I don't want to lose the connections that I have right now.

It's the whole "social" dilemma. Does pulling a child out of school create an antisocial person? Who said that school is the best place to learn social skills? I know there are arguments for both sides, but I foresee that I will feel a loss of connection if we are not at the school. Can I live with that? Will I have enough of a resolve and conviction about what I am doing that it will be worth that loss? I'm sure we will meet new people and forge relationships with new friends, but it still won't make the change easy for me. I am a creature of habit, and I like my friends. I fear losing them for the sake of homeschooling.

Right now, the kids still want to do it. Homeschooling was Ellie's suggestion (age 9), and for her sake, I am really trying to consider it fairly. At this point, I am leaning more towards a "pilot" year of homeschooling for the older 2 kids (9 and 6) and sending Sophie (3) to preschool; we can try it out for a year and evaluate whether or not we want to continue next year. I am still reading in my Charlotte Mason's companion book to get a better sense of philosophy so as to root all my fears. I will share those findings in another blog coming soon. . .


Heather said...

Tammy, your diligence in studying and praying about this is inspiring, to say the least. Now, we won't be homeschooling anytime soon, but this generalizes to all areas. I need to be more contemplative.

Tammy Meinershagen said...

Thank you Heather! I appreciate your support of my journey, regardless of the outcome. It means a lot! :)

SpringSnoopy said...

Thanks for posting your fears, Tam. These are all relevant, real, and important... no pat answers.

I have a question though. :)
Besides Ellie saying, "Mom, I'm half-way done living here!" I'm surprised SHE suggested homeschooling. What were her reasons?

Tammy Meinershagen said...

Thanks Julie! Ellie says that sometimes she is bored at school, or that others distract from the classroom learning. She also has quite a few people she knows that are homeschooled from Awana's and they all love it. She wants to spend more time with some of those kids and do some of the self-directed projects they are doing.

Honestly, meeting the Awana homeschool moms and a homeschool parent of one of my students has made me realize that not all homeschool moms have to be strange! I always thought you had to be at least a little weird to homeschool (I know, very judgmental of me), but meeting these kids and their parents was like meeting anyone else from the school. They are normal, well-adjusted kids and parents, and that's what finally made me seriously consider it.

BKFrance said...

Tammy, I'd just like to offer some insight into this and possibly help in putting these fears to rest. Homeschoolers have a plethora of activities and social events available to them. In fact, so much so that many families find it challenging to juggle the numerous activities along with the actual home education.

Believe me, the overwhelming majority of home schoolers do not sit at home and pour over the dictionary for pleasure and amusement! LOL There way too many opportunties to list here but I assure you, your children will not be at a loss for social interaction or stimulating activities. :) Gotta run get that math finished because we are headed out to homeschool PIZZA DAY in a bit! :)