Friday, June 4, 2010


It's already here- the last day of school! And it's official- we are homeschooling Ellie for 4th grade and Chloe for 2nd. I had a chance to talk with the principal about withdrawing our kids for next year, and she was incredibly supportive. Her own daughter homeschools!

As I have been slowly letting people know about our decision, I am consistently met with "Why?" It reminds me a lot of when we decided to go with home births rather than a hospital delivery. When I told people I was going to birth at home, they would look at me probably like Columbus' peers did when he told them that the world was round. It just doesn't compute. Why choose a home birth? Everyone goes to the hospital to have a baby! Why choose home school? Everyone just goes to public school! Why question the establishment? Why reject the standard?

To that, I respond, "Why not?" Why not see if there is another way? Why not try something different? What will it hurt if we do something new for a year? And if it doesn't work like I hope, what do I lose? Of course, the stakes were high with a home birth; many people thought I would lose the baby's life and it was irresponsible to do a home birth. One thing I have always believed though is that the most natural way is the best way. Birthing at home for me was the most natural, and I sought to make it happen; what a wonderful experience it was. Teaching is also naturally done at home; children learn from their parents, whether we realize what we are teaching or not. Probably the most acceptable version of this principle can be seen with food and the organic movement- the more natural and home-grown, the better. We just had dinner tonight with some friends who have started an organic garden; what an awesome example of how much you can gain from some careful investment of time and effort!

So yes, we are going all-natural next year. I look forward to spending quality time cultivating the garden of their minds and souls next year. I will be planting a lot of different seeds and I pray for a good harvest. Will I have bad days? Yes, I expect that. Will I question myself and why I chose this path? I'm sure. But I also hope that I will see some fruit of my labor, and I consider it a privilege to be able to try school at home. So to answer your question of "Why?" Well, "Why not?"


Anonymous said...

Tammy you are awesome and I know you and the girls will blossom.

Gina Suh said...

This is a great idea and I completely support it! To be unbound by convention is a sign of a radical thinker - that alone is lesson number one for your daughters. Seeing that a change is needed and then doing what is necessary to change it is lesson two. I see nothing but positive things that can come from this and I think you should forge ahead and not feel you have to justify yourself to anyone, Tam! I'm proud of you!