Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2 Highlights

Today Chloe asked if I was going to give any homework and how I would grade her work. (She knows that 2nd grade is when public schools give official grades.) I said, "Well, since your teacher is living here with you, she will make sure you understand everything until you get a 100% A+ on everything! And since she also only has 3 students, she doesn't need to give you extra homework to see what you need help in when she can keep track of that every day."

Chloe thought for a minute and then said, "So my grade doesn't matter?" And I replied, "Nope! I want you to get everything right all the time. If you don't understand something, we won't call it a "B" or "C"; we'll just stop and figure out what we need to do so you can understand what you missed!" Her eyes widened, and you could almost hear the wheels turning in her little mind as the concept of mastery vs. grades sunk in.

That conversation alone gave me more confirmation that we are doing the right thing for my family this year. Learning to learn, not to get grades, was a lesson I didn't fully understand till college!

Then we got into more funny aspects of the mommy/teacher scenarios; I told them that we will still celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day this year, and I am so excited about the parent-teacher conferences and I really hope that I like their teacher, and did you get her wish list for her classroom or her list of favorites for her birthday in a few weeks? :)

In general, the day went very similarly to yesterday, except we added in a little science lab: observing a gummy bear in water and making observations and predictions for what will happen overnight. I got a cute little book at Target for some quick Physics labs that I know all 3 will enjoy doing together.

Also, we're going to take a day off of our regular schedule tomorrow. After checking the weather forecast, we decided to take a trip to the Dallas Arboretum for a Nature Walk and picnic. It is supposed to be only 88 degrees! Coming off of weeks of triple-digit heat, this is a welcome break for everyone! I'll let you know how it turns out. . .

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