Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 3 in a Nutshell

We actually started 3 new things this week: Sophie's preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Community Bible Study (CBS) for myself and the girls on Wednesday morning, and choir rehearsals at Stonebriar Church on Wednesday evenings.

Sophie was very happy to go back to preschool, and I know it will be great for her to have her own school while I teach Ellie and Chloe. Sophie is very proud of all of her crafts and papers that come home and tells me all about her day. I know she needs that special time away and we need that time too! I plan to do some things that we can't do with her around, like Chemistry, Shakespeare, and an art class that they will join with other homeschoolers next week.

CBS is a national movement of people interested in studying the Bible in-depth, and this year in the Plano location, they have started a homeschool program for the kids that corresponds with what the adults are studying. (We will be studying Daniel, 1 Thessalonians, 1 John, and James.) I have to say that after leading groups for a few years, it's such a blessing to be a participant for a change and have a curriculum laid out for me! I am also impressed with how organized the children's classes are; they each have their own workbook and we all have the same memory verses. Another plus is that they get to meet some new homeschool friends! After the meeting, a group of us plan to go out to lunch to hang out a little more. It is exactly what I need in the middle of my week: meeting with friends and discussing the Word!

Later in the afternoon, we also went to the first choir rehearsal at Stonebriar church in Frisco. They have a Pre-k choir, Grade 2-3, and Grade 4-6 choir, so all my girls can participate. They will be performing at the church and also working on a spring musical. One thing I didn't realize was that many of the kids in the choir are homeschooled! It's a big commitment to be a part of the choir, and it's hard to do that when you have so many other activities and homework to do after school. As a homeschooler, once school is done, it's done with no homework, so the rest of your day is open! This freedom has allowed us to let Ellie participate in cheerleading and tennis, Chloe in dance and gymnastics, and all the girls in choir and Awanas. We definitely won't be able to do all these activities when they return to school, so we are taking full advantage of the extra time. I know it seems that we must be running around like crazy, but honestly, I've never been so relaxed. Our mornings are not rushed, and our evenings are eventful but fun. I truly expected to be moderately happy about homeschooling, or at least report that it was tolerable, but I actually love it! The kids are spending so much time together and I get to be a part of their intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development more than I ever have before. I know it's going to be a year that we'll never forget.


Heather said...

I did two years of CBS in Oakland. I loved it so much!

Anders (6 1/2) is really hating homework right now. He has virtually none (tonight he had to write 10 sentences with his spelling words), but he hates doing it. Oh my. I admit to jealousy about no homework!

I'm glad you are doing well and enjoying the journey!

Janet said...

Hey Tammy! I'm doing CBS this year too!! And I love having my own schedule too. Are you only going to homeschool for this year?