Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Miracle of Growth

'Tis the season for gardening! I am doing it for the first time, thanks to our study of botany through homeschooling. It is a great hands-on way for the girls to observe the miracle of growth, and it truly is fascinating! If you stop to think about it, the fact that you can put a tiny seed into the ground and watch it grow into a sprouting plant is beyond incredible. How does that really work? Yes, of course we know there is a scientific answer behind it, that you need a combination of good soil, sun, and water to start the process of sprouting, but who came up with that process? Who decided that life can be contained in a tiny seed? Who created the soil of earth that is rich with possibility and full of life? Who chose to reflect humanity through the metaphor of gardening, that a person's heart needs to have good soil that is soft and teachable, and that it's necessary to take out weeds of bitterness and anger in order to truly grow and bear fruit?

Gardening is a reflection of the creativity of God. It points to a Creator with purpose, with goodness in His heart, and with a love for His creation. I am reminded of this every day when I look at my garden and see more growth. Only He is the author of life in all its forms, and the fact that He can orchestrate my little garden to grow gives me a huge measure of peace and joy. (Another bonus is getting to eat fresh basil and cilantro with all my meals! Still waiting to see how the peppers do. . .)