Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Mother's Prayer for Homeschooling

We are embarking on a year of homeschooling in a few weeks and I am getting all my ducks in a row with curriculum. I have found new friends in the homeschooling world and am gleaning wisdom from great blogs and sites from veteran teachers. I am so looking forward to this year with the kids and being involved in their learning, but I still feel a sense of fear in the back of my mind asking, "Will I be good enough? Will I be able to teach them what they need to know? Will my kids fall behind or become lazy because they are home? Will I truly make the most of all the time I have with them, or will I fall into the trap of doing too much housework and not enough school?"

Well, God knew exactly what I needed to help calm my fears. By "chance", I found a book called "Prayers for Homeschool Moms" in the stash of preschool books I had purchased from another homeschool mom. As I read through it, I realized that it was not coincidence this book was given to me. It has excerpts of different stories from moms and then a prayer dealing with that topic, and each mom articulated so many of my own thoughts and feelings. I've put together a prayer based on the moms' prayers in the book to help me through this transition and this new year of homeschooling. I thought I'd share it with you too.

"Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the courage to educate our children at home this year. Any confidence I might possess stems directly from you. Still, there are moments when I am paralyzed by a sudden fear that leaves me frozen. I'm not certain I'm up to this challenge of educating my children. Yet there is another part of me that recognizes that you equipped me to parent my family even in this new way. Lord, meet me at my weakest point and renew my frail heart. I'm standing in your presence awaiting your grace and strength to give me what I require for today's needs. Give me all the wisdom and insight I require to teach my children in your ways. Thank you for allowing me to understand that my weakness invites your strength; show yourself strong in my life.

Father, I confess my compulsion to work until I drop. I find too much of my identity in what I do; give me the eternal perspective to discern between what is good and what is best in the choices I make for myself and my family. Help me not to be lost in busyness, but to take time each day for your Word and prayer. Let every decision I make be tempered by thoughts of eternity.

Please take away any fears, insecurities, or burdens that I bear. Help me to learn from my mistakes and to sift through the myriad of voices I hear. Guard my heart against the temptation of seeing my children's successes or failures as reflecting my competence as a mother or teacher. Restrain in me attitudes of pride and self-sufficiency that may hinder my abilities to best influence my family. Let me be humble enough to seek out assistance when I need it. Let not my expectations, reasonable or not, rule my thoughts and emotions.

Thank you Lord that You are the head of this family. I'm grateful that I don't need to have all the answers. Lord, calm my heart and mind. Enable me to rest in the knowledge that you are always close by when I call to you. Let my words bring encouragement, and let my face reveal the love I feel for my children. Let them see in me a mother who has the stamina and fortitude to press ahead despite setbacks and discouragement. Make me into a woman of faith, a mother with vision, and as a child who trusts in you unreservedly.

Lord, I ask that you make this year a fruitful one. Help each of us take full advantage of these new opportunities to learn all we can. May my children grow not only academically but also spiritually this year. May we become closer to you and each other. Help me to have joy as I serve these precious souls that you have entrusted to me. Transform me Lord, into a woman whose sole source of hope and strength comes directly from you. I commit my wonderful children into your faithful hands. Amen."


Susan Frick said...

You will do great. I enjoy reading your blog. A few months ago I met a mom through Caitlin's gymnastics that home schools her 3 children. They are 11, 9 and 3. This will be her 4th year. She coordinates some of her plans through the local Christian Academy. It is wonderful to hear how successful they have all been. Good luck, you and the girls will continue to flourish.

SpringSnoopy said...

What a beautiful, relevant prayer, Tammy. Thanks for writing it down for us!

Tammy Meinershagen said...

Thanks ladies!! Your support means so much!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, may I share your post on FB? I'm new to homeschooling and started today. Yay! (Gulp!) Thank you for sharing your prayer with us.

Tammisuh said...

Of course, please share with anyone you wish! And I'm excited for you as you start homeschooling; you'll never regret it!